• Supply, installation and maintenance of underground and above ground fuel tanks and suction/dispenser lines according customer protocol      and Legal / GDS regulations for both Petro-plus (plastic) and UPP Piping Systems.
  • Complete RBSAM Projects.
  • Pressure and/or vacusonic testing of tanks and lines.
  • Monitoring and establishing variations in receiving and delivering of product.
  • Bulk fuel tank filtering, removal of water and rust.
  • Diesel Power-operated dispensing devices for transfer of flammable liquid fuels from 1 tank to another and removal of contaminated    products from tanks to tankers for disposal according to legal protocol
  • Building of bund walls, spill slabs, separator pits and complete GEMS Forecourts.
  • Installation and maintenance of product identification markings (ID collars)
  • Integrity Testing.
  • Gas testing.
  • Delivery lines installed. 
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